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I think you’re in there


I know you’re not

Five parades, one childhood

Two tough chicas.

UPDATE: I wrote this piece two years ago, when Angelina was in second grade. I pulled it out last Flag Day and now on the night before her very last, after much debate, I decided to post it again with an update.

With so much heavy…

The sign at the foot of the stairs at Cherry Road. That’s masked me in the reflection of the door.

By Jeanne Albanese

I had to go to Cherry Road School this morning to pick something up.

I pulled into one of the parking spots in front, sat in the car and looked at the school. …

By Jeanne Albanese

One half of my heart remains rooted within the five boroughs of New York city.

My parents live on Staten Island. There’s one quarter.

My brother lives in Manhattan, the American epicenter of COVID-19. Another quarter.

And the math won’t work, but let’s throw in a couple…

By Jeanne Albanese

I feel like a ping pong ball these days.

Not the pre-COVID-19 kind, pinging and dinging from commitment to errand to chore to work to commitment to errand to chore to work and back again.

I’m an emotional ping pong ball. (And fear the trajectory of this…

Sixth grade me at the Richmond County Science Fair with those petrie dishes.

By Jeanne Albanese

When I left Staten Island for college in Syracuse in the fall of 1987, I never really looked back. Sure, I still call it home and have many fond memories of growing up there, but it just wasn’t the place for me (no offense intended to my…

Friends and neighbors posted rainbow pix on Facebook this morning. I stole a few to illustrate this post because my lazy ass was still in bed.

By Jeanne Albanese

There’s one essential Central New Yorkers need to get through this period of social distancing and quarantine.

It isn’t Lysol, hand sanitizer or toilet paper. You can’t order it on Amazon or grab it via curbside pick up at Target.

It’s sunshine. I know, not rocket science…

My three kids learing how to make their grandmother’s meatballs from the source herself.

By Jeanne Albanese

I need to lead with the results. That’s why I’m having writer’s block about this piece about my mother’s meatballs. …

Jean Albanese

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